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Who We Serve We serve 100+ World's Top Premium Brands through our 25+ Wholly Owned facilities globally
Secure Logistics LTG established global networking with authorized 3PL to deliver the reverse logistic services around the globe. To ensure 100% security during transportation, our 3PL service provider seals the truck by serial locked and apply GPS tracking. Once arrived LTG facility, LTG will securely store customer’s asset which only allows authorized access.
Asset Audit LTG’s founders and engineering/management team originate from world’s top Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) background. Such engineering knowhow enables us to deploy the same level of technical sophistication and skills to help our customers recover the highest value from their old assets starting from the very beginning.
Onsite Inspection or receive assets list from customers
Value Evaluation
Price Proposal
De-installation for further processin
Onsite & Offsite Data Sanitization Service Some customers do not allow sensitive data to leave their premises. To address such needs, we offer both onsite and offsite data sanitization services. We can perform data sanitization at customer's designated site as well as LTG's wholly owned facility to ensure all data and information is 100% destroyed. Our professional services include:
Secure Data Destruction To ensure 100% security, all data is securely erased by degaussing, data wiping and physical destruction.

Our proprietary data wiping software supports international data-erasure standards and runs on its own private network to prevent the possibility of being hacked from external networks or the Internet.

A Certificate of Data Erasure is issued to verify the completion of the data sanitization.

To further protect the Intellectual Property (IP) of all customers, any identifying asset tags, permanent ink or customer identifiers will be removed before further processing.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Data Wiping
Leader Data is capable to provide secure data erasure for Hard Disk Drive (HDD) & Enterprise Servers, and supports any SAS, ATA/IDE, SATA hard drives.
Solid-State Drive (SSD) Data Wiping
While most data sanitization software in the market can only erase data for HDDs and servers, Leader Data is capable to provide data erasure for Solid-State Drive (SSD) which can work with ALL SSD storage via SAS, SATA, M2, MSATA interface.
Mobile Data Wiping
Mobile Data Wiping (MDW), another proprietary data wipe software developed by LTG, is highly compatible with most of the mobile devices in the market, and is capable to support iOS, Android, and Blackberry, simultaneously erase up to 30 devices at a speed as high as 25MB/s, and record details of each devices including device name & model, IMEI code and storage capacity.
Data will be permanently destroyed by a strong reversing electromagnetic field and that storage device cannot be re-used. This method is effective for destroying damaged media, or for destroying media with exceptionally large storage capacity.
Physical Destruction
This is an effective way of destroying data and makes the hard drives or storage media inoperable to prevent data recovery. They are shredded into tiny pieces that there is reasonable assurance in proportion to the data confidentiality level that information cannot be reconstructed.
Value Optimization LTG has business partners worldwide for B2B direct sales and specializes in the market valuation, and optimal application of reclaimed IT components, parts, and modules, which ensures highest value recovery. The residual value of EoL assets will be optimized via our global remarketing network such that earnings obtained from remarketing will be shared with our customers.
Reporting With accountability and traceability, LTG provides consolidated statistic and intelligence reporting with tracking system for management traceability, and analysis with end-to-end- transparency. We have developed a secure web-based reporting tool that provides complete chain of custody reporting, documentation and audit trail for your assets. On the other hand, our online real-time order-management system can provide consolidated global assets status, material flow, inventory/sales reports, and settlement reports for our customers' business improvements.

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