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Post-Consumer Take-back & Closed-loop Recycling

Post-consumer take-back programs are integral parts of an OEM’s corporate social and environmental responsibility. These programs involve complex coordination efforts including the retail and distribution network, reverse logistics, data-security, recycling, online/offline channels, marketing and compliance, etc., to name just a few.

LTG’s customized post-consumer take-back platform is designed specifically for computing and mobile devices providing a one-stop solution for managing and executing all the processes outlined above. We deliver secure, measurable, and cost effective results in more than 20 countries and regions (for our global footprint, click here)

LTG uses our IT platforms, logistics and services teams, segregated data-sanitization and destruction facilities, certification-of-destruction processes, and closed-loop PCR plastics solutions to handle all post-consumer devices, giving our OEM customers peace of mind.


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