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Li Tong Group (LTG) simplifies your global service and supply chain network’s management complexity and environmental compliance requirements:

  • We manage multiple local vendors for disposal of excess & obsolete (E&O) assets and consumer returns in each country and region, which becomes an increasingly complex and challenging task as a company’s global value chain grows, with tasks such as running frequent RFQs and managing different filing and reporting duties for each country’s environmental compliance regulations.
  • All LTG global facilities and project management teams run on a standard platform and SOPs (standard operating procedure) to ensure that all handling, processing and reporting procedures are consistent and standardized.
  • LTG ERP is capable of generating real-time tracking reports and global consolidated reports for material flow and downstream traceability.
  • LTG’s compliance advisory team will file regulatory compliance reports on behalf of the client.

We enable economically and technically sound post-consumer take-back, design for recycle, and closed-loop programs:

  • Post-consumer take-back programs, as well as closed-loop recycling initiatives, are integral parts of corporate environmental and social responsibilities, and the culture of innovation; but they’re often very costly and can lack measurable results.
  • LTG runs global integrated online and offline consumer-take-back platforms, ensuring the highest standards and economies of scale.
  • LTG also collaborates with your product design engineers, material suppliers, parts suppliers, and contracted manufacturers to enable design-for-recycle and closed-loop programs, making measurable reductions in your carbon footprint.



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