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Environmental Protection

LTG is committed to protecting the environment. We take great care with any aspects relating to warehouses, processes, and treatment. LTG achieves this through location selection, treatment method selection, goods characteristics analysis, waste reduction strategy, etc.  In addition, LTG is focused on minimizing its environmental impact. Environmental setting investigation, pollution monitoring, waste generation control are all implemented.

Zero Landfill
We implement the ideas of "Reduce, Reuse, Recover and Recycle" waste, and our goal is zero landfilling. We also ensure that chemical waste is in compliance with legal requirements. 

Pollution Mitigation Measures
Different mitigation measures are implemented to reduce air, water, waste and noise pollution arising from our processes, for example a dust collector for shredding, a no wet-process policy, waste management programs and noise assessment are all used to lessen our impact.

Environment investigation

Each of our warehouses undergoes a background investigation to identify all environmentally sensitive elements, such as surrounding residential buildings, schools or farms, as well as potential affected factors such as storms, rivers and ground water. Special mitigation measures will be installed or implemented to reduce and minimize impacts.



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